CNC CENTER was established after a thorough and in-depth study of market needs for smart solutions.

Over the years, the company has expanded its operations scope while keeping service awareness a top priority.

Following customer demands and changing market needs, the company began providing specialized services to the woodwork industry for the manufacture of kitchens, cabinets, and furniture. The company also has ongoing business relationships with various other industries.

Operational Areas:

▪ CNC services
▪ Manufacturing doors for kitchens and furniture
▪ Importing and marketing of CNC machines (The company is an exclusive dealer of AES)
▪ Importing and marketing of woodwork machinery, whether new, second hand and refurbished
▪ Design, Manufacturing and implementation of industrial automation robotic lines 
▪ Painting services using advanced, automatic and robotic technology
▪ And more ...

Our customer list includes hundreds of businesses, both small and large, such as carpentries, manufacturers of kitchens, cabinets, and furniture, as well as other industries located throughout Israel.

The CNC Center has espoused quality and service, all the while being responsive to customer needs and requests.

The company's workforce specializes in the woodwork industry, and has the requisite and extensive professional background in the field of mechanical engineering, with a specialty in CNC machines, training and the provision of technical support services, allowing the company to communicate with customers in the same language.

Our vast experience allows us to develop unique work processes that enable effective and high-quality manufacturing, as well as compliance with tight manufacture and supply deadlines.  Our main goal is to provide our customers with smart and correct solutions.

The CNC Center maintains excellent working relationships with leading companies, in Europe and globally, enabling us to import CNC machinery, as well as woodwork industry machinery, of all types. All machines that we market, whether new, second hand or refurbished, are of the highest technical standards, with uncompromised capabilities and work standards. Our prices are very attractive and extremely competitive.

The CNC Center has developed a response to meet the needs of the entire industry and provides partial/full service for the design, construction, and maintenance of dedicated project manufacturing lines, all the while increasing manufacturing capacities, reducing costs and maximizing profit.

We would be happy to assist on any issue.

34 Hahofer St. Holon

Phone: +972 3 6707011
Fax: +972 1533 6707011
Mobile: +972 54 4832961
Email: Info@cnccenter.co.il

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